Crays Organization

A primary goal of the cooperative partnership, besides of establishing a new global lifestyle brand, is the implementation of Web 3.0 visions.

A global partnership of leading enterprises to develop and establish a marketing & sales framework for intelligent living solutions of the future.

The cooperative society founding partners aim is to consolidate each others expertise and define an open system architecture standard to support the needs of future lifestyle applications

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Three different partnership opportunities

Brand Partnerships

Partnership Integration of network partner like established lifestyle brands & Web 3.0 companies.

Hospitality Management

Partnership for the Hospitality Industry like operating and management companies.

Real Estate

Partnership for the Real Estate Industry like investment & development companies.

A public good governed by the Commuity

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors the Crays SCE consists of one member from each of the participating founding partner companies and (by law) represents the final decision-making power of the company.

Partnership DAO

The company's statutes are anchored in the company's technological code and the DAO members democratically decide on the company's strategy and operations in a completely digitalized way.

NFT Community

The NFT community is permanently involved in the decision-making processes  and is an integral part of the development process and an ecosystem of users, developers, designers, and educators.

The Crays way to explore the world together
"If a company does everything alone it is one proprietary solution. If a development is shared and used by several partners it becomes technology,
and with broad application it becomes state of the art"


Executive Director CRAYS SCE

Inventors build for
the Partners

Crays wants to build the future of Living & Tech and hires the world's best people for the cooperative.

Tech Team

The internet is too important to billions of people for it to be at the mercy of a few powerful companies.We are developing the technology to disrupt centralised services and enable innovation.

Basic steps of decision-making process are currently managed by decision makers from start to finish. Instead of the decision makers, web technologies should facilitate decision making process.

Marketing & Sales Team

Our marketing & sales is a greenfield opportunity for experienced communications leaders to have a critical impact on the growth of our rapidly scaling ecosystem. The team is fully enabled to drive Crays awareness, demand, and adoption of our products and technologies.

Finance Team

Finance department is obliged to build out finance processes and supporting company & association wide initiatives.  As the business will scales the team is to provide information for business decisions of all partners and improve operations.

Design Team

Our brand is for the community to use it and build upon. The design team is responsible for the brand and arquitectural design of the partners properties but Crays will enable a decentralized web where "users" are in control and managers manage

Legal Team

The legal team advises and supports Crays and the partnership network across all of the business.  The work of the team is varied and challenging supporting a fast moving business which is growing rapidly.

Get a Pole Position

This will be one important job for our Web 3.0 community. A Problem has to be defined by a responsible person and the decision-making process and Web 3.0 technology will be used at all remaining steps.

Team Vision
Crays Future

Fully Remote Work
Global leisure activities
Admitted work
Attractive remuneration
Global living
Global workplaces
Community everywhere
New skills to grow

Driven by

"I built the company that I want to work in—a company that’s focused on helping the world get the best out of technology & life."

Crays was built on a foundation of being decentralised and open, which trickles down to how Crays work. Crays is a distributed organisation. Being distributed isn’t just a way of doing business—it’s a mentality that is at the core of our culture. We have a flat structure that pushes power to the edges and empowers our people to take ownership of their role.


People do their best work when they’re driven by their own curiosity and interest. We align people with the projects they’re passionate about.

Own terms

Flexible schedule and location. Work from home orwherever they want. Most communication is done asynchronously.

Meaningful Work

Crays is an organization where people are valued for their contributions. We focus on development, not on unnecessary meetings.

Developers Inc.

Agency and autonomy, flexible hours, a personal development budget, and doing work that matters to to build the future of Web 3.0.

The Crays 

Our mission is to nurture a cutting-edge piece of marketing & sales art as a decentralized web 3.0 application for our cooperative society partners.

Web 3.0 decision-making process


- Fundraising | IEO


- Development
- Marketing, PR, Sales
- Operational work

Board of Directors

- Legal supervisory authority by law
- Monitoring function
- Representation function

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CRAYS Formentor

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

CRAYS will open a 7 bedroom property on Mallorca in Formentor in 2023. CRAYS will expand this space by 4 bungalows to keep up with the demand on Mallorcas North shore.

CRAYS Lisboa


In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in Lisboa in collaboration with a local landlord. Formerly called Hotel Flower, converting into a CRAYS transcribed for the landlord into more revenue, longer stays, and a younger, more dynamic clientèle.

CRAYS Malibu

California, USA

In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in the seaside town of Malibu, California. Originally used as a short-term rental property, CRAYS will help to increase NOI by over 40%


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the price to buy a cooperative share?

The price vary on the different type, voting rights and sizes of the partnership. Please get in touch with us!

What kind of partnerships are you looking for?

All partners who are interested in establishing the global work, live & play concept on market are welcome.

Can I sell my cooperative share again?

Yes, you can. You can sell it to any partner who will be accepted to the cooperative society.

Do you operate a Blockchain?

Yes we will operate our own Blockchain in different fields of our business.

Do you have plans for DEFI, VR, AI and other new services?

Yes; of course! But we are always looking for new partners to develop and grow the community together.

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Reach out to us if you have any questions or contact us directly at
+49 176 460 63 543 or

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