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Shaping the future of living together

A Real Estate & Hospitality Web 3 Operating System!

Crays Blockchain with Stablecoin will beam you to the Moon!

A "Cooperative Society" Community for Success!

With a DAO management participation & NFT community!

Articels planned in:

Building homes to
Work, Live & Play

Shared workload to increase profit

Our business model is characterized by the fact that we do not own any Real Estate. Each Property is operated by a Partner under the Crays brand.

Joint Technology

Crays world class Apps with  State of-the Art technology will reduce costs and drive profitability

Mutual Promotion

Crays targets guests from global markets by using powerful global sales and marketing tools

Common Brand

Using the same brand ensures the highest standards within the entire brand network.


With Crays Non Profit Societas Cooperativa Europaea (SCE) we offer you an active stake in the game. The cooperative society encourages member contribution and shared responsibility.

Initiated by ten very well-known european enterprises with the aim of promoting each individual enterprise economically through joint business operations. A brand owned and governed by the Community!

Democratic Structure

Owned & Governed by the Community

Cooperative Partnership


Shared Responsibility


Global Network


Copenhagen, Denmark

Living somewhere different

Amsterdam ,Netherlands

Feel right at home and enjoy privacy

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Beautiful homes for every stage of life

Capetown, South Africa

Push the boundaries of style

Bali, Indonesia

Changing the way people live

Perth, Australia

Next generation spaces

Ibiza, Spain

Connect and elevate neighbors

New York, USA

Start your global living

Web 3.0

Governed by the community Crays uses a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as the perfect addition to our SCE.

Web 3.0 is the next-gen Internet that will change people's online experience. Web 3.0 solutions include the use of Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and several other new technologies.

Partner Participation


Living Solutions

Blockchain | VR | AI

Global Payments | Stable Coin

Wallet Account


Financial Services

London, United Kingdom

Your new high-tech home office

Paris, France

Work from home like no other

Miami, USA

Grab your laptop and collaborate

Dubai, UAE

Make your work at home

London, United Kingdom

Find the perfect work-life balance

Berlin, Germany

Empower your team with our spaces

Singapore, Singapore

The flexibility to work and travel

Stockholm, Sweden

Optimise your Workspace

a Crays

Crays implemented three different partnership types.

Network Partnership
One-off purchase
cooperative share
Plus small transaction fee on revenue
Partnership Integration into Crays Network

One-off purchase
cooperative share
Plus small transaction fee on revenue
Partnership for the Hospitality Industry

One-off purchase
cooperative share
Plus small transaction fee on revenue
Partnership for the Real Estate Industry
Access to CRAYS Living & Travel Community
Usage of Crays IT Infrastructure, external R&D
Usage of Crays PR, Marketing & Sales Network
Usage of Crays DAO App (see voting rights)
Usage of Crays International Partner App
Usage of Crays Data Network (different rights)
Usage of Crays Customer Service
Branding Guidelines, NFT usage
Common Purchasing to get Wholesale pricing
Marketing & Network effect for best ROI
Arquitectural & Design Assistance & Help
Location Scouting via Crays Community
Modern financing opportunities via IEO/IDO
Network to Hospitality Management Corps
Access to Hospitality Data for Real Value Rents

The best way to predict the future
is to go build it

Brand for common use
State-of-the-Art IT
Digital marketing & sales
Business via App
Innovative Reputation
Higher sales & profits

Become a CRAYS

Become a part of our community and enjoy the good life with our membership privileges.

Fashion CRAYS 
Per month | 3 month minimum, 1 month cancellation period
Explore Asia & South America
Common accomodation quality standard worldwide
Room min. 20 sqm | more depending on Pass / Area
CRAYS Online Social Living & Travel Community
Workspace included ecerywhre | Highspeed Internet
Event access & social life everywhere
Additional Loyalty Membership Benefits
Crays Standard Concierge Service
Sphere CRAYS
Per month | 3 month minimum, 1 month cancellation period
Freedom around the globe
Everything from Membership Fashion Package
Accomodation on every continent
Room Upgrades possible (Asia & South America)
Crays enhanced Concierge Service
Falcon CRAYS
Per month | 3 month minimum, 1 month cancellation period
Big city life around the globe
Everything from Membership Sphere Package
Accomodation Worldwide incl. Big City Life
Preferred Worldwide Room Upgrade Guests
Fast  Lane Check In - Automated Online Check In
Preferred VIP Event Guest - special Events
24/7 Concierge Service
Why participating?

Remote Work allows to live wherever people want, but global rental market restricts mobility and rentals are not suited for remote workers.

Crays offers Homes; not just a housing. Crays will redefine the Housing Rental Industry and will combine the familiarity of a home with the flexibility of a digital nomad. Lets grow together and build the most profitable lifestyle brand in the world.

Market Opportunity

Rapid inflation and skyrocketing rents drives people to break new ground.

Cultural change

Remote work is creating permanent shifts in working & living patterns.

Technical leaps

A single company cannot absorb the rapid changes in R&D, financially and in staff.

Formula 1, Singapore

Experience the unique nightlife of Singapore and the amazing formula 1 city circuit. Formula One makes the night a day.


Party Islands

Partycrowds that mean the world. With CRAYS you will celebrate party on the next level. Be togther with other CRAYS and celebrate life.


Art Basel, Miami

Art & Party with CRAYS in Florida. Ready for the colorful art world? Get the best tickets and side events with our Crays membership


Lollapalloza, Berlin

Lollapalooza Berlin is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, which takes its visitors on a colorful journey full of music, fun and adventure for two beautiful summer days.


Rock am Ring, Germany

Rock am Ring is a music festival held from 1985 to 2014 and again since 2017. It is considered the most traditional rock festival in Germany.


Rock in Rio, Brasil

“I have realized that my weapons to make the world a little better are music and the festival. This is what I know how to do well.”


We´ll change the rules of renting

Fact is; Remote Work is here to stay. Covid has broken through cultural barriers that prevented remote work in the past, setting in motion a structural shift in where work takes place.

Experts predict that 35 % of employees will be working remotely by 2025. This will give rise to Digital Nomads who prefer being on the move from one place to the other while working.

Sign up and join us to  to live, work & play around the globe.

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Build, market & earn in Web 3.0

A lifestlye; not a landlord. Crays Web 3.0 ecosystem

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Global Living & Working Spaces with
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built for work

Members find all the amenities they need incl. the necessary working space


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Help us to make the World your Home!

The Crays way to
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If a company does everything alone it is one proprietary solution. If a development is shared and used by several partners it becomes technology, and with broad application it becomes state of the art.

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