Board of Directors as
Community Managers

Crays plans to work with an automated DAO in the future. However, based on current legislation and tech status, this is not yet practically possible.

The Board of Directors, together with the DAO decisions sets the strategic direction, which is implemented by the operating team members. By law; the final decision is always made by the Board of Directors, which consists of 5 executive members from the initiator team and 10 delegated non executive members from the corporate founding partners.

Founding Partner 1

Chairman Board of Directors

Founding Partner 2

Vice Chairman Board of Directors

Founding Partner 3

Non Executive Board of Directors

Founding Partner 4

Non Executive Board of Directors

Founding Partner 5

Non Executive Board of Directors

Founding Partner 6

Non Executive Board of Directors

Founding Partner 7

Non Executive Board of Directors

Founding Partner 8

Non Executive Board of Directors

Founding Partner 9

Non Executive Board of Directors

Founding Partner 10

Non Executive Board of Directors






Chief Product Officer IT


Chief Innovation Officer


Chief Product Officer Real Estate


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Sales Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Media Officer


Head of Sourcing & Sales Europe


Head of Sourcing & Sales Americas


Head of Sourcing & Sales Asia


Strategy Officer

Tell us about the future in your global Living

CRAYS should be always driven by the story of our members. Because where there is no story, there is no extreme value for our members, as stories should carry 99 percent of the total perceived value of our memberships. Each different member story should transport how we all work, life & play in our world of globalized living.

Going Live 01.07.2023

Crays DAO Voting

How to Turn Your Community Into a DAO?
Understanding how a DAO organization works is the first step to bringing your existing community into Web3. DAO are changing the way communities organize and operate in Web3. The term refers to a group with a shared goal that is governed without a traditional centralized leadership structure. Essentially, members of a DAO vote on important issues related to the organization, such as how to allocate money or build new products.

Crays NFT Community

Providing value, utility & commitment!
Building one of the fastest growing business models globally together with our guest community. Crays NFT guest community gives members away to support the brand and other members by sharing creations with our network. Guests are now provided with a platform to promote their ideas in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. There are many benefits of creating Crays NFT community with our guests.

Our three „D“s of Motivation

The Crays network acts as an innovative, futuristic approach for life, work and travel. Motivation is our drive. Motivation is the foundation of all life and business effort and accomplishment. Without our desire and determination to improve our performances, all of the other mental factors, confidence, intensity, focus, and emotions, are meaningless.


We are not just changing a business model. Crays aims to disrupt the way we work and live in the post-covid era. We will change working & living step by step for a better healthy, sustainable, free lifestyle - being human. We are changing the way we will live and work together. We aim to be a part of changing society.


Our life in one app: Digitalization of work and life – we will be part of the metaverse within our approach including our proprietary smart resort technology using our blockchain network for IOT smart living, smart office, decentralized identity solutions, enhanced security, crypto currencies.  Establishment of new cloud-based company structures means that companies don´t need physical headquarters anymore.


The future of tourism must lead to prosperity for people and the planet. This is the future we want to be a part of. This is what we are working on. Decarbonization will disrupt the future of travel and will be a disruption to travel as the internet was. 

Crays Brand Manifesto-
We like you!

Doing the right thing. It’s important to remember that it’s not just what we will accomplish that matters—how we succeed, and our personal and professional conduct along the way, matters just as much.

Take care about your family, friends and all Crays

Live your life sustainably in a green and healthy way

Be whatever you want to - but always be nice and honest

Work how you want, where you want and whenever you want

Great organizations are driven by purpose, not just profit alone

Grow relationships, not just transactions

Young is a state of mind

Don‘t be cool, ask stupid questions

Think different – change lifes

Live high tech with low stress

I'm not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I'm living on.

David Bowie

Going Live 01.07.2023

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

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