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As DAOs continue to gain traction, it's only natural that people will be curious about the most effective uses for them and how to implement them.

By harnessing the power of decentralization and blockchain technology, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are able to take the place of traditional governance apps and investment groups.

As of November 2022, over $11 billion had been invested in these blockchain-based equivalents of traditional companies.

Enterprise Communities of the Future.

Articels planned in:

Membership steering

Decade of the Community

Crays DAO’s mission is to build the strongest and most inclusive community in Web 3. A community DAO is all about the vibes. Like-minded individuals come together to pursuit a shared vision.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Governance Tokens are issued in Crays DAO and each token owner has the privilege and voting rights to influence future community decisions


Non Fungible

NFT´s have become an important part of the web3. NFT´s are issued to each crays guest and will extended to a guest DAO in future.


Extended rights
for the Community

Crays Community NFT holders gain access to guests DAOs and theit NFTs serve as both representative ownership and governance rights.

Crays Global Living Club

Application Governance DAO

Proposal Execution DAO

Social Community Club DAO

NFT based Investment DAO

CRAYS Formentor

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

CRAYS will open a 7 bedroom property on Mallorca in Formentor in 2023. CRAYS will expand this space by 4 bungalows to keep up with the demand on Mallorcas North shore.

CRAYS Lisboa


In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in Lisboa in collaboration with a local landlord. Formerly called Hotel Flower, converting into a CRAYS transcribed for the landlord into more revenue, longer stays, and a younger, more dynamic clientèle.

CRAYS Malibu

California, USA

In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in the seaside town of Malibu, California. Originally used as a short-term rental property, CRAYS will help to increase NOI by over 40%

Blockchain Trust

With Partnership DAO

With DAOs we don’t need to trust anyone else in the group, just the DAO’s code, which is 100% transparent and verifiable by anyone.

Traditional Organization
Starting an organization with someone that involves funding and money requires a lot of trust in the people you're working with. But it’s hard to trust someone you’ve rather dont know,
Usually hierarchical. Activity is typically private, and limited to the public.
Depending on structure, changes can be demanded from a sole party, or voting may be offered.
trusted intermediary.If voting allowed, votes are tallied internally, and outcome of voting must be handled manually.
Requires human handling, or centrally controlled automation, prone to manipulation.
Activity is typically private, and limited to the public.
DAO Organization
With Collective ownership we can purchase physical or digital assets and we can vote on how to use them. We could create a venture fund that pools investment capital and votes on ventures.
Member-owned communities without centralized leadership. A safe way to collaborate with internet strangers.
Flat and fully democratized .All activity is transparent and fully public. A safe place to commit funds to a specific cause.
Voting required by members for any changes to be implemented.
Votes tallied, and outcome implemented automatically without trusted intermediary.
Services offered are handled automatically in a decentralized manner (for example distribution of philanthropic funds).

Crays DAO types

Community participation

DAOs allow us to work with like-minded folks around the globe. Blockchain-based rules baked into the code define how the organization works.

Cooperative Society Share-based membership

Our cooperative share-based DAO is permissioned, but still quite open to any partnership proposal. Any prospective members can submit a proposal to join the DAO Cooperative Society, usually offering a tribute of some value in the form of tokens for the cooperative society share. Shares represent direct voting power and ownership. Members can exit at any time with their proportionate share of the treasury.

Guest NFT Token-based membership

Our NFT is permissionless. Our NFT governance tokens can be traded permissionlessly on a decentralized exchange but  must be earned through providing liquidity fpr the annual membership as ‘proof-of-work’. Either way, simply holding the token grants access to voting in guest DAO in future.

Guest Loyalty Reputation-based membership

Loyalty reputation represents proof of participation and grants voting power in the DAO. Members must earn reputation through participation. Members can freely submit proposals to receive reputation and tokens as a reward in exchange for their contributions.

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