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CRAYS SCE - A Bridge to Old Economy Mainchain

The Disruptive Power
of Blockchain in Business

It’s the era of disruption, and traditional business models are under attack. Trends and developments that have hit the business world in recent years have made it necessary to re-evaluate business models and standards.

Crays Web3! Do exactly what you do best and have been doing for years. Stay economically independent and still earn more money than before. Communities build the business. A brand owned by the community.

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain
Physical & Digital Services Income

Crays is a technology that's home to different applications within the supply chain for all our members at shared overall cost splitting. The community will build a booming digital economy, bold new ways for creators to earn money. Create digital money and make global payments! It's open to everyone, wherever you are in the world.

Financing | Building

With partners from real estate like investors, developers, project companies, developers we finance and build the homes.

Operating Homes

From the Hospitality sector, we are looking for property owners & operators / management companies to operate Crays homes..

Marketing & Sales

With State-of-the art technology and our shared services model we´ll reduce costs and drive profitability for the entire supply chain.

Web3 Community

Our Web3 community is a place where our members & partners with shared ownership can meet online and offline with digital voting rights

As a decision maker you may have heard about our blockchain project

More and more companies are collaborating in business networks to streamline shared business process such as managing data, tracking transactions, and tracing real-world goods.

Why not digging deeper and building an open software standard for partners including common sales and marketing while staying economically independ.

But maybe you’re asking, “Why not just use a shared database?

The reason why not is the “who” problem — the problem of network governance. In a distributed database that’s shared across multiple organizations, governance boils down to four main questions:

Who actually owns the data?

Who enforces that the data hasn’t been tampered with?

Who in the business network has the authority to change or delete data?

Who creates and runs the application layer that allows all parties to validate the latest transactions?

A blockchain solves the “who” problem by establishing a shared network in which all participants agree on ownership and involvement. Members of a blockchain network host it jointly and equally in a decentralized fashion.

The practical question of all our partners is, what are the actual business benefits and revenue opportunities of enterprise blockchain solutions, and enterprise Crays specifically?

Easy answer. Stay indpendent, safe costs, increase revenue and use modern technology. There is no single disadvantage while using the Crays brand and network.

Crays Cooperative

Who we are looking for

Governed by the community. Crays is managed by a global network of enterprises and its lifestlye community with automized Web 3.0 technology.

Brand Partnerships

Partnership Integration of network partner like established lifestyle brands & Web 3.0 companies.

Hospitality Management

Partnership for the Hospitality Industry like operating and management companies.

Real Estate

Partnership for the Real Estate Industry like investment & development companies.

Breaking Your Limiting Beliefs

A Global Tech Centered Lifestlye Living

Trends and developments that have hit the business world in recent years have made it necessary to re-evaluate business models and standards.  

Banks and Fintech companies have been responsible for the ongoing blockchain technological curve. However, most traditional businesses have been looking for new technologies for survival during this digital age.

The ongoing digital transformation forces Old Economy industries like Real Estate & Hospitality to enable and to leverage the Web3 and Blockchain, the leading disruptive technologies in the marketplace.

This allows them to streamline their business processes, make strategic decisions and implement new business models.

The Traditional Business Model 

First, a business model is any plan or strategy a firm employs to successfully sell a service or product and earn a profit, depending on its target market.

The traditional business model is centralized and comprises owners or shareholders, a company, its employees, and consumers. In this model, the business offers goods or services through which it earns profits.

Once they have created their products, they expect consumers to buy their products or service at a specific rate. The rate will have been set to cover important details like wages and all other expenses the business incurred to deliver the goods or services.

Companies operating this model use centralized models, which may differ from one industry to another but include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and franchises. 

The Blockchain Business Model 

On the other hand, a blockchain business model comprises the three main characteristics of blockchain technology: decentralization, immutability, and transparency.

The nature of business is mainly through peer-to-peer transactions within a reliable and trustworthy network.

The concept of decentralization completely changes the way businesses function. Factors like how profits are made and the flow of transactions and entities are designed differently to help enhance how the businesses and the end-user benefit.   

The model introduces decentralized applications (DApps) that can directly execute peer-to-peer transactions by eliminating central authorities and intermediaries.

The entry of DApps into the model eliminates the need for employees and shareholders. The business model is lucrative because users end up becoming owners and workers even though the Blockchain drastically changes their impact and roles.

Removing intermediaries reduces the time and cost associated with third parties to strengthen the ecosystem and increase profits for investors while lowering prices for consumers.  

How do the inititators make money with this Web3 busines model?

Crays founding team members established a coopertieve society and in addition a blockchain based Web3 tech business modell. The initiators will earn their profits by keeping a portion of the tokens for themselves and aside of that the typical web3 business model transaction fee. Crays SCE still will remain a Non-Profit Cooperative!

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