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DeFi is an open and global financial system built for the internet age – an alternative to a system that's opaque, tightly controlled, and held together by decades-old infrastructure and processes.

It gives you control and visibility over your money. It gives you exposure to global markets and alternatives to your local currency or banking options.

DeFi products open up financial services to anyone with an internet connection and they're largely owned and maintained by their users.

So far tens of billions of dollars worth of crypto has flowed through DeFi applications and it's growing every day.

New age of Financing
DeFi is evolving and this new form of decentralised financal technology will have an impact on the future of centralised finance entities, with DeFi being seen as an alternative that's cheaper, quicker and more relevant.


Executive Director CRAYS

Fractional Ownership

in Real Estate

When real estate is tokenized, it is fragmented using secured blockchain technology and then is mapped in the form of crypto securities.

Initial Exchange Offering

The digitization of securities, with an "Initial Exchange Offering" has the potential to permanently change the real estate industry.  

This new and innovative financing mehtod helps issuers automate intermediate steps. This increases the liquidity of real estate, allowing new groups of investors to access the market.

Initial DEX Offering

An initial DEX offering, or IDO, is a new and exciting type of decentralized platform, which is opening up a new way of fundraising.

If a project is launching an IDO, it means the project is launching a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange.

NFT Asset Financing

Use of Asset-Backed NFTs by Crays guest Comunity. As we all know NFTs are already having a significant impact on the blockchain industry.

These digital assets are anticipated to integrate with other blockchain applications to build an entirely new financial infrastructure with significant means and uniting possibilities in the financial sector, which Crays will work on.

It started with Bitcoin........

Global, open alternative to the current financial system
Open-source tech that anyone can program with
Personal data is no hidden charge of financial services
No Governmental and centralized institutions risk
Trading hours not limited to specific time zones
Money transfers never will take days

DeFi vs

traditional Finance

With DAOs we don’t need to trust anyone else in the group, just the DAO’s code, which is 100% transparent and verifiable by anyone.

CeFi - Centralized Organization
Starting an organization with someone that involves funding and money requires a lot of trust in the people you're working with. But it’s hard to trust someone you’ve rather dont know,
Money is held by companies. Payments can take days due to manual processes.
You have to trust companies not to mismanage your money, like lend to risky borrowers.
Financial activity is tightly coupled with your identity. You must apply to use financial services.
Markets close because employees need breaks.
Financial institutions are closed books: you can't ask to see their loan history, a record of their managed assets, and so on.
DeFi - Decentralized Organization
With Collective ownership we can purchase physical or digital assets and we can vote on how to use them. We could create a venture fund that pools investment capital and votes on ventures.
You hold your money. Transfers of funds happen in minutes.
You control where your money goes and how it's spent.
Transaction activity is pseudonymous. DeFi is open to anyone
The markets are always open.
It's built on transparency – anyone can look at a product's data and inspect how the system works.

CRAYS Community

as part of Finance

It is impossible to progress without change, and those who do not change their minds cannot change anything.

3 steps of Real Estate Tokenization


As with a traditional securities offering, you must first decide on legal terms and conditions before starting the real estate tokenization processes. Specialized law firms from Crays partner network support in the legal drafting of the contracts.


The legal contracts are digitally represented by so-called smart contracts. These generate tokens that represent shares in the tokenized property. They automatically execute actions based on the underlying legal contract.

Secondary market

Since tokens are globally transferable around the clock via Crays IEO partner exchanges, liquidity is further increased. The invested capital is no longer tied up for long periods of time, new investors can participate in the market.

CRAYS Formentor

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

CRAYS will open a 7 bedroom property on Mallorca in Formentor in 2023. CRAYS will expand this space by 4 bungalows to keep up with the demand on Mallorcas North shore.

CRAYS Lisboa


In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in Lisboa in collaboration with a local landlord. Formerly called Hotel Flower, converting into a CRAYS transcribed for the landlord into more revenue, longer stays, and a younger, more dynamic clientèle.

CRAYS Malibu

California, USA

In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in the seaside town of Malibu, California. Originally used as a short-term rental property, CRAYS will help to increase NOI by over 40%

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