Societas Cooperativa Europaea "Crays SCE"

Cooperatives are people-centred enterprises owned, controlled and run by and for their members to realise their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations.

Cooperatives bring people together in a democratic and equal way.


DAO  (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)  
1 X Cooperative share = 1 X Property = 1 X Vote                      
Guest Membership with DAO Participation & NFT Authentification

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Web 3.0 Brand meets Real Estate

10 % and more additional profit ​

Increase your profit through extremely reduced costs in a community with sharing of fixed and variable costs.

Long-term partnership​

Through the fixed cooperative share with voting rights, we lay out all Partnerships in the long term and democratically.

Non Profit Cooperative​

The Crays SCE is a non-profit cooperative and shared all costs incurred equally among all members.

Democratic Structures​

With the Web 3.0 Blockchain technology DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), we permanently involve all members in all decision-making processes.

Shared IT and Marketing costs​

With our state of the art app and joint marketing and PR branding, we share costs and increase profit for all parties involved.

Common Brand visibility on market

With the carefully selected and standardized Crays interior and brand partnerships, there is a feeling of being at home worldwide.

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Tasks and Opportunities

Local Operations
Local Staff Management
Quick​ Fundraising​
Growth Opportunity
Global Brandbuilding​
State of the Art IT Web 3.0

Looks like a hospitality company ​ But it's a technology company​

Crays has an internationally unique business model: the digitization of the traditional business.  A unique combination of tech startup, e-commerce company, hospitality accommodation business and residential & commercial rental.​

Own the Future
"CRAYS succeeds when you do. Crays looks forward to working with you to understand your goals, offer our Tech, Marketing and Hospitality expertise and support your business objectives to achieve long-term success."

Thorben Biesenbach

Executive Director CRAYS


CRAYS offers a cooperative business model, as well as a diverse range of services to help members, developers and owners to achieve their goals in a variety of markets. Focused on creating memorable and curated experiences, in the uprising market of Social Living and decentralized Working our brand stands out from traditional homes across every touch-point.

Cooperative Society

Together we are strong. There are equal voting rights for our members. This structure encourages member contribution and shared responsibility Our Cooperative Society live democratic rights for Global Citizens.

Branded Living

We ensure the highest standards are delivered at every touchpoint. Crays ensures seamless integration with the network partner systems, driving revenue and realizing efficiencies in alignment with partners's goals.

Web 3.0 Technology

State-of-the art technology, global negotiating power, shared services reduce costs and drive profitability. Our world class App and 24/7 make it easy for guests to book direct and have a seamless check In.

Marketing & Sales

Crays strategically target guests from global markets. In addition to access to CRAYS diverse offerings and strong global base of loyal guests, partners can take advantage of powerful global sales and marketing systems

Committed to our partners' success

Crays is a expert of the Branded Living, Extended Stay & Serviced Appartments segment.


Transform your property with our innovative brand, targeted for today's savvy travelers. CRAYS streamlines the conversion process, giving properties a fresh new identity and appeal in the shortest time possible. No other conversion opportunity delivers the strength of CRAYS and its active and growing membership base.

Adaptive Reuse

Revitalize a building with noteworthy architecture and site superiority. Adaptive re-use preserves the rich integrity of a structure while infusing it with a bold new identity. For many developers, adaptive re-use offers the best of all worlds: reinvigorating prime urban and resort locations with homes that stand out with one-of-a-kind appeal.

New Builds

Create a property that is uniquely yours from the ground up. Marriott offers both prototypical and custom opportunities depending on brand and market, built to achieve your goals with the unique expertise of CRAYS award-winning Design team.

Mixed Use/residential Development

CRAYS will become an industry leader in branding and operating mixed-use residential projects. Our residential team has the experience and strategic knowledge to help developers successfully market and operate branded residential products across the globe.

Reinventing Resort Life

CRAYS will be shaking up global Living Resorts! Offering natural platforms to create relevant experiences for today's discerning Resort guest. We put innovation at the centre of everything it does, with dedicated in-house specialist studios, a digital product and tech innovation lab, and a partnerships and collaborations division.


Dual-branded projects incorporate two or more brands that share a building envelope, driving operational efficiencies without compromising the brand experience. This type of property offers consumers options to choose different experiences at a single property (extended stay/suites vs. a standard room), provide more capacity in high-demand locations and often an elevated level of shared amenities.

Why Partner with us?

Branded Living Pioneer
Marketing & Sales
Design & Construction
Revenue Management
Reservation Services
Field Operations
Online & Offline Community

Flexible Living
Options in App

We offer guest-friendly flexible living options based on interest, preferences, budget and location.

Crays Performance Know How


Our dedicated  marketing & sales team is fully engaged in providing a differentiated  platform for our portfolio. We’re focused on being the most global, integrated, and relevant marketing & sales force in the industry, relentlessly driven to grow market share.


Crays Reservations & Customer Care (CRCC) handles reservations across every continent and leading languages throughout the world. Additionally, enhanced services and reporting capabilities are available through the Crays owned reservations program.

Online Services

The Global Online Services team knows that staying ahead of the competition in hospitality requires leading the way online. Through advanced technologies, global scale, and key partnerships, we’re able to drive demand, maximize revenue, and build strong customer relationships.

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Our Vision, Mission and our values


Innovation Is In Our DNA. We continuously search for new ways to serve our membrs & owners from all around the globe.


Our mission is to make global living possible for all people. Wherever they go, Crays will be there to welcome them.


Our values represent the principles that we use to guide each decision. They define our culture and help us to lead with strength.

CRAYS Formentor

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

CRAYS will open a 7 bedroom property on Mallorca in Formentor in 2023. CRAYS will expand this space by 4 bungalows to keep up with the demand on Mallorcas North shore.

CRAYS Lisboa


In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in Lisboa in collaboration with a local landlord. Formerly called Hotel Flower, converting into a CRAYS transcribed for the landlord into more revenue, longer stays, and a younger, more dynamic clientèle.

CRAYS Malibu

California, USA

In 2023, CRAYS will open a new licensee property in the seaside town of Malibu, California. Originally used as a short-term rental property, CRAYS will help to increase NOI by over 40%

State-of-the-Art Technology

CRAYS on-the-go, mobile accessible technology ecosystem simplifies your hotel business operations


Through mobile access manage inventory across an owner's portfolio (even while traveling).


Our platform is less expensive with no servers or on-site maintenance needed.


We enhances guest experience: mobile-enabled housekeeping, mobile check-in/check-out, contactless payment.


Our scale is meaningful to tech partners and helps to ensure new features and upgrades are prioritized for franchisees.


Connected to 100+ distribution partners worldwide.

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